The Issue

Pinyon Plain uranium mine (formerly Canyon Mine) is a conventional uranium mine located on Red Butte, a sacred mountain and Traditional Cultural Property (TCP) only six miles south of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. The owner and operator, Canadian company Energy Fuels Inc. is nearing completion of the mine and plans to transport the uranium ore to the White Mesa Mill for processing, located in southeast Utah, a few miles north of the Ute Mountain Ute community in White Mesa, Utah. Energy Fuels also owns and the White Mesa Mill, the only operating conventional uranium mill in the country.

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The Havasupai Indigenous Nation long-led the fight to protect Red Butte and the canyon springs from proposed mining. Recently, the designation of a national monument permanently prohibits new uranium mining around the Grand Canyon. However, there is a loophole–a big asterisk–that allows eleven uranium mines with “valid existing rights” to mine, and Pinyon Plain is currently the biggest threat.

Haul No! insists that we must continue to resist nuclear proliferation and radioactive contamination of our homelands by stopping new uranium mining and transport. Email us for more info: stopcanyonmine[@]

Explore our website for education on the issue and ways to join the work to stop Pinyon Plain uranium mine and transport in communities along the haul route. Since 2016, we have been monitoring the mine, spreading awareness, and encouraging autonomous local actions from the mine to the mill. The mine is closer than ever to starting new uranium mining and the time to act is now!

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