Extraction & Stockpiling Begin at Pinyon Plain, DEMAND IMMEDIATE SHUT DOWN NOW!


Nihi K’é dóó nihi Dine’é – Relatives, friends, supporters all over the world, now that we have observed the proper cultural protocol for our dearly beloved, Klee Benally, we are ready to continue our work – to continue Klee’s work – to SHUT DOWN PINYON PLAIN/CANYON MINE!!

We honor his dedication to protect Mother Earth. We honor his war cry and call to action. 

We are not stopping. We are strategizing, organizing, resisting. We are only getting stronger! ❤️‍🔥✊🏽❤️‍🔥

HaulNo! is calling on Buu Van Nygren and Navajo Nation to DEMAND A SHUT DOWN to PINYON PLAIN URANIUM MINE NOW!!!

On Dec. 21, 2023, Energy Fuels issued a press release stating that production had begun at the Pinyon Plain Mine.

Energy Fuels’ Pinyon Plain/Canyon Mine is just south of the Grand Canyon and next to Sacred Red Butte – place of emergence of the Havasupai and registered Traditional Cultural Property of the 11 Associated Tribes of the Grand Canyon. Energy Fuels plans to transport uranium through Western Navajo and Hopi Nations to the White Mesa Mill in Ute country, near Blanding, Utah. 

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, Haul No! confirmed that EF has started extracting and stockpiling uranium ore. They have been preparing the road for transport, but have not started hauling uranium yet.

If transport begins, EF plans to haul up to 12 trucks per day, each carrying 30 tons of uranium from the mine to the mill. EF is not legally required to mark trucks. Ore will be covered only with tarps. No responsible entity has been identified for emergency response, legal enforcement, or cleanup. 

This violates Navajo Nation law which prohibits the transport of new uranium across Diné lands.

The White Mesa Mill is owned and operated by Energy Fuels and is the only mill in the so-called u.s. licensed to process uranium ore. 

This is a critical time to take action!

There are several global and national developments that increase the risk of a new wave of uranium extraction:

The price of uranium is the highest it’s been since the 2006-2007 peak; and the u.s. just approved the Nuclear Security Fuel Act (more uranium production); and at COP 28 (the United Nations climate meeting) in Dubai, the nuclear industry/states called to triple nuclear power worldwide by 2050.


We are calling on all of you to HELP EDUCATE, SPREAD AWARENESS, MONITOR THE MINE + ROADS for the PROTECTION of Nihímá Nahásdzáán, the LAND and WATER, our communities and future generations.

Join us to DEMAND that our colonial governments SHUT DOWN PINYON PLAIN NOW!


DEMAND Governor Hobbs of Arizona to ACT NOW!!

DEMAND Secretary of Interior Haaland to ACT NOW!!

DEMAND President Biden to ACT NOW!!

Axhéhéé Nxtsáágo for your support!

Watch for updates on haulno.com and on our socials!


#HAULNO! uranium through our communities!