Havasupai Issue Statement: The Threat is Real

On January 11, 2024 Havasupai released this statement on the startup of uranium extraction at the Pinyon Plain uranium mine. They express their heartbreak and their continued determination to shut down this mine. The Pinyon Plain Mine threatens their only source of water.

Haul No! stands with our Havasupai relatives, the Guardians of the Grand Canyon.

We say Haul No! Protect the land and all relations from transport of uranium and radiation exposure!



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January 11, 2024

Statement from the Havasupai Tribe Regarding Energy Fuels

It is with heavy hearts that we must acknowledge that our greatest fear has come true. Despite decades of active and tireless opposition, Energy Fuels, a foreign for-profit mining company, has acted in its own self-serving interest and extracted toxic uranium at the Pinyon Plain Mine (formerly the “Canyon Mine”), desecrating one of our most sacred sites and jeopardizing the existence of the Havasupai Tribe.

As Guardians of the Grand Canyon, we the Havsuw ‘Baaja, the Havasupai Tribe, have opposed uranium mining in and around our Reservation and the Grand Canyon since time immemorial. We do this to protect our people, our land, our water, our past, our present and our future. And yet, despite the historic and current assistance and advocacy from numerous allies, and the countless letters, phone calls, and personal pleas, our urgent requests to stop this life-threatening action have been disregarded.

Our tribal community’s only source of water is fed by aquifers, which unfortunately sit directly below the Pinyon Plain Mine. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the federal EPA claim there is no danger to us, that no harmful effects will come our way from this alleged “clean energy” source. But how can they so confidently make such a claim when Energy Fuels has already contaminated one of the two aquifers while digging the mine shaft, which then led to the company spraying toxic water into the air, only to be spread to the precious plants and animals by the blowing winds. A whole set of unknown and new problems will exist when the company begins transporting uranium over the land.

This is not just a problem that affects our remote Tribe. Rather, millions of people will now be forced to pass by an active uranium mine on their way to the majestic Grand Canyon. Every being should be able to freely experience this natural wonder without risking their lives. Shame on Energy Fuels, and those who were not brave enough to do what is right and necessary.